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Mattel Blazing Sword Voltron – 2011

I officially have to make an apology here. See, Voltron was my absolute favorite cartoon when I was growing up. Transformers were cool, and G.I. Joe was alright, but Voltron is what had an edge to it. The five Space Rangers were brand new to the giant robot battle game, and it showed. They lost, […]

Mattel MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor – 2012

MOTC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Head Original

I’ve never been one for character variations. It’s been done so many times – you take the hero or villain of a story, and then you release 48 different versions on the same idea. Different colors, different weapons, maybe a new head and you get paid all over again for a minimum of costs! I […]

DCUC Supergirl – 2010

DCUC Supergirl Head Side

There are times in every toy collector’s life when they choose to go against their inner instinct. You can tell yourself over and over again that you aren’t interested in something, that the aesthetics just don’t appeal to you, and you’ll never spend the money to pick up that particular figure. You are adamant. You […]

Masters of the Universe Beast Man – 2002

Beast Man 2002 Head

Every now and then you get a figure that is really disappointing. It shouldn’t be disappointing. In fact, it should be a really awesome find that makes you thrilled to have it. Something along the way ruins it, though, leaving you sad and disappointed. Beast Man let me down in every possible way. He looked […]

Masters of the Universe He-Man – 2002


About two years ago, after moving down to Mobile, Alabama from Evansville, Indiana I popped by the flea market here for the first time. Most of it was incredibly boring crap, but there was one stall that captivated me. Ah, toys! This was a place I knew I could enjoy! Among the toys that were […]

Mattel Vs. Mattel – What’s Gone Wrong?


DC Universe Classics line? Canceled. Young Justice 4” and 6” lines? Canceled. DC All-Stars? Canceled before it even started. Ghostbusters lines, big and small? Running on fumes. Green Lantern movie toys? Major flops. It’s not been a great few months for Mattel when it comes to announcing new product. We tend to hear more about […]

Monster High Skull Shores Frankie Review


Let me start by saying; Yes, I’m reviewing a doll. No, I do not collect dolls. Not even the cool Monster High dolls. But this one? This one deserves a review, and there just happens to be one sitting on my coffee table, so why not…

Monster High Skull Shores Frankie Stein


Retro Action Real Ghostbusters Janine and Samhain 2 Pack Review

Retro Action Real Ghostbusters Janine and Samhain 2 Pack 4g

Today’s review is the Retro Action Janine and Samhain 2 pack, this set appeared on store shelves last October for the price of $49.99. I really liked the Samhain figure and the Slimer that came with the set but the Janine did nothing for me and the $50 price tag was pretty expensive for […]

MotU Classics Battleground Teela Review

Master of the Universe Classics Battleground Teela

For quite some time, I’ve liked the Masters of the Universe Classics figures, but didn’t see one that made me start collecting. Then I saw a few that really jumped out at me as being excellent action figures. Battleground Teela was one of the first I wanted to get. I can’t help it, I dig […]

Masters of The Universe Classics Kobra Khan Review

Kobra Khan MOTUC (6)


* Editors note: Joe Fest rolls on all week, however I didn’t think it was prudent to keep our MOTUC fans waiting for the Kobra Khann review. PrfktTear did a great Job on his first review for PlasticGraveyard, expect to see plenty more great MOTUC reviews from him.- Dr Rampageo

As a kidlet […]