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Marvel Select Chitauri – 2012

Marvel Select Chitauri Head

I’ve had this review in the chiller for over a month now as life became chaotic and Voltrons and Optimus Primes took over my fascination, but I’m getting back to it now, and I’m glad to be able to do so. This was the last purchase that I made on the now defunct, a […]

Mattel Blazing Sword Voltron – 2011

I officially have to make an apology here. See, Voltron was my absolute favorite cartoon when I was growing up. Transformers were cool, and G.I. Joe was alright, but Voltron is what had an edge to it. The five Space Rangers were brand new to the giant robot battle game, and it showed. They lost, […]

Takara Chronicles Generation 1 Optimus Prime – 2012

Takara Generation One Optimus Prime Head

Memories are a funny thing. We think of them as being truthful and honest. That they are purer than reality. The toy collector, sadly, knows very different. Perhaps we grew up thinking that Wheelie was the coolest Autobot of all time, or that Ewoks were always worth buying for army building. Sadly, however, we grow […]

Mattel MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor – 2012

MOTC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Head Original

I’ve never been one for character variations. It’s been done so many times – you take the hero or villain of a story, and then you release 48 different versions on the same idea. Different colors, different weapons, maybe a new head and you get paid all over again for a minimum of costs! I […]

Marvel Select Black Cat – 2003

Marvel Select is a company that has come a very long way in just a few, short years. They have made a name for themselves in creating well sculpted and decently articulated figures based off of the Marvel property. Often competing with figures made by Hasbro, it has gone from Marvel Select having the better […]

DC Universe Classics Jonah Hex – 2010

Jonah Hex DCUC Closeup

DC Universe Classics had a lot of ups and downs during its run, with some waves being truly solid and some waves being a serious step back. Sculpted by the Four Horsemen for Mattel, there were more unique head sculpts created than anything else, since most of the figures shared the same body with different […]

Marvel Legends Thor 2011

Marvel Legends Thor - 2011

Thor is one of the characters that has benefited most from the Marvel Universe taking over the world of cinema. Played by Chris Hemsworth, a.k.a. the father of James T. Kirk, he managed to get himself a rather enjoyable romp for a movie and truly solidified his place in pop culture with his role in […]

DCUC Supergirl – 2010

DCUC Supergirl Head Side

There are times in every toy collector’s life when they choose to go against their inner instinct. You can tell yourself over and over again that you aren’t interested in something, that the aesthetics just don’t appeal to you, and you’ll never spend the money to pick up that particular figure. You are adamant. You […]

Marvel Universe Red Hulk – 2009

Marvel Universe Red Hulk Punching Closeup

Ah, the color swap. There are few things that Mortal Kombat gave to us that have truly lasted, but the palette swap was one of them. Have a ninja and need more characters? Make one blue, one yellow, one green, and then pick some other random colors! You can have, like, thirty characters all with […]

The Avengers Hulk Wal-Mart Exclusive – 2012

The Avengers Hulk Face Closeup

I have a love for over-sized toys. Sure, characters like Spider-Man and Daredevil can be fun, but there are times when you just want the most bang for your buck. You want that huge, bulky, impressive figure that is just loaded down with plastic and could kill a robber with just one hit to the […]