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Gear Up for Ultron with the Epic Mark XLIII Collectible Figure from Hot Toys

Mark XLIII Hot Toys

Attention Marvelites, the extremely-anticipated sequel, ‘Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ is only a few months away! The superhero team will assemble once again when Tony Stark’s peacekeeping program goes awry and unleashes the deadly Ultron upon the Earth. And it is up to the Avengers to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plan to destroy humanity.

To get fans ready for the upcoming film, Hot Toys is thrilled to jump start the Avengers: Age of Ultron collectible series by presenting the 1/6th scale Mark XLIII Collectible Figure! It’s also the newest addition to the MMS Diecast Series, in which the collectible figures are made of diecast material and realistically designed to look even more like the armor as it appears in the blockbuster movie.

The movie-accurate Mark XLIII Collectible Figure is highly detailed and specially crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Mark XLIII in ‘Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ The figure features a newly painted Tony Stark helmeted head sculpt, metallic armor (red, gold and silver) with weathered effects, LED light-up functions and a specially designed diorama base with a damaged Ultron Mark I. A special edition will be available in select markets which will include a LED battle-damaged helmet.

Stay tuned to Hot Toys Facebook Page for more details on the exclusive figure and be sure to pick up this amazing collectible kicking off the second cinematic outing of everyone’s favorite superhero team! Take a look at the gallery below for more epic pictures of this brand new Hot Toys exclusive.

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Guard The Galaxy With This Life-Size Rocket Raccoon Collectible

Life-size Rocket

To coincide with the “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” home video release, Section 9 Entertainment and Muckle Mannequins are proud to deliver a brand new one of a kind life-size statue of your favorite gun toting outlaw — Rocket Raccoon!

Right in time for the holiday season, Muckle is bringing this genetically modified hero to new heights; and you can’t have Rocket without one of his famous, highly destructive weapons! That’s why this life-size standup features the custom made weapon used during his first encounter with Peter Quill, the legendary Star-Lord in this summer’s blockbuster hit. The collectible stands 78” tall, including the unique base that pays tribute to the film and team that made “Rocket” a household name. The life-like mannequin’s articulate details are unlike any other statue out there and is a must have for any die-hard Marvel fan out there.

Bring Rocket home today by ordering here and check out the gallery below for more pictures of the movie-accurate piece!

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MOTUC & More Delivered By Christmas

Last Minute Shipping Schedule

You can still get delivery in time for Christmas. Order by these dates and get your Mattel collectibles in time for the holiday:


FedEx Ground/Home Delivery: Tuesday 12/16

FedEx Second Day: Friday 12/19

FedEx Next Day: Monday 12/22


FedEx International Priority: Canada & Mexico Friday 12/19

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Hammer Your Way Through Aldrich Killian And A.I.M. With The Striker Armor

The 1/6th scale Striker (Mark XXV) collectible figure from Hot Toys

“It’s Christmas. Take them to church.” — Tony Stark. It’s time to expand your House Party Protocol collection with another new unique suit from Hot Toys!

Presenting the 1/6th scale Striker (Mark XXV) Collectible Figure! The Striker (Mark XXV) is one of the many suits that appeared in Marvel’s Iron Man 3. Tony Stark designed the Striker with heavy construction in mind and distinctive pneumatic hammers; the suit would be considered the ultimate tool for assisting heavy building. Although the hammers are not designed for combat, they still proved to be lethal when Striker helped to eradicate the two Extremis soldiers who were attempting to attack Rhodey in the climatic end sequence of the blockbuster movie. 

The Hot Toys’ collectible features the suit’s distinctive design with the pair of pneumatic hammers, a special paint application (silver, gray, and yellow) with distressed effects, LED light-up functions in the chest and eyes as well as a figure stand. The incredibly articulated movie-inspired collectible is a necessary addition for any fan’s Hall of Armors.

Stay tuned for more details on pre-ordering and check out the gallery below for more pictures of this jaw-dropping figure! Visit the Hot Toys website here for even more great Marvel statues!

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New She-Ra® Bust from

By Eve O.

Just in time for the holidays, our friends at have a new ¼ scale release featuring everyone’s favorite warrior princess, She-Ra®


New She-Ra® Bust from Tweeterhead.comRegular Edition $89.99 (available at your favorite retailer)

Tweeterhead Edition $129.99. Includes certificate signed by Melendy Britt (voice of She-Ra). Only available at

Limited Edition: 350

Height: 9″

Sculpt: Mike Cusanelli

Design: Nathan Baertsch

Paint: David Fisher


The perfect gift for the Masters of the Universe® collector in your life (and one for you, perhaps?), you’ll want to click right over to for ordering information because she’s available now and quantities are limited.

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Marvel Minimates Infinity Fan Poll Results Revealed

Infinity Minimates

This summer, Marvel fans were asked to vote in a special poll designed to determine the fate of six Minimates mini-figures! Four of these Minimates would make up a new box set, available exclusively at select Toys”R”Us stores and online at; the other two would go on to an unknown fate. Now, Diamond Select Toys is excited to announce the results!

The Infinity Box Set will be available exclusively at Toys”R”Us starting this month and will include Space Suit Captain America, Armored Hulk, Thane and Thanos all based on their appearances in Marvel’s 2013 Infinity crossover. Each figure stands approximately two inches tall and features interchangeable parts. Also included in the set are four clear display bases, as well as hairpiece, glove and shield accessories for Captain America.

For those who voted for Mark 38 Armor Iron Man or Ronan the Accuser, have no fear! Both of these figures will be available as part of a Marvel Minimates two-pack exclusively at Toys”R”Us! As part of Series 19, Ronan will come with Iron Man in his new-fangled space armor. Additionally, Anti-Sinister Six Spider-Man will come with Mysterio, Payback Wolverine will come with a Sentinel and Quicksilver will come with The Vision!

Look for both the box set and two-packs to hit Toys“R”Us shelves and before the end of the year but the box set is already up for pre-order here. And last but not least, take a look at the gallery below for all things Minimates!

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2015 Club Minis Subscription Update

By Eve O.

Masters of the Universe MinisThese little guys had a big task and we’re sorry to say we didn’t reach our minimum subscription goal. We’d like to give a HUGE thank you to all the fans for waging such a good, strong fight. For those of you who did subscribe, refunds will be issued in the next 7-10 business days.

Though we didn’t win the war, the battle for Eternia® will continue with our awesome 2015 Masters of the Universe® Classics lineup. The team is also hard at work behind the scenes to bring you exciting new MOTU products, so stay tuned for more info to come!

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12/15 Sale Reminder: Damian Wayne, Giant Beast Man®, Spinnerella®, Gwildor™ & MOTU Minis

By Tara Z.

Here’s your friendly reminder that our 12/15 sale is coming up soon…

Remember, ‘tis the season for giving, and these figures make perfect gifts for collectors! (Hey, you’re a collector! Just saying.)

Early Access 12/11

  • Thursday, 12/11 from 8 a.m. PT to Friday, 12/12 at 8 a.m. PT (subscribers only)
  • Products Available: DCU Damian Wayne, MOTU Giant Beast Man®, MOTU Mini 2-Pack with King He-Man® & Clawful®, Shokoti™, Loo-Kee™ & Kowl™ (available during Early Access only)

All Access 12/15

  • Monday, 12/15 at 9 a.m. PT (everyone)
  • DCU Damian Wayne*
  • MOTU Giant Beast Man® (Club MOTU™ Giants monthly figure)*
  • MOTU Mini 2-Pack with King He-Man® & Clawful®
  • MOTUC Gwildor™ (Club Eternia® “holiday” figure)
  • MOTUC Mermista™ (Club Eternia® monthly figure)
  • MOTUC Shokoti™*
  • MOTUC Spinnerella® (Club Etheria™ monthly figure)

*Subject to Early Access sellout.

December Subscription Key Dates

  • Subscriptions Renew/Cards Charged: Starting Thursday 12/11
  • Subscription Orders Ship: Starting Friday 12/12

*Subject to Early Access sellout.

Want to make sure you get all our news and sales reminders? Click here to register. Or, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and in our Fan Forums and on Google+ and you’ll get reminders there, too. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for sneak peeks and more!

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Funko to Release Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Pop Bobble Heads

Funko and Walgreens Exclusive

Funko is excited to announce a new series of Marvel Pop! Vinyl Figure Bobble-Heads, available exclusively in Walgreens stores this January.

This series will include some of Marvel’s most popular characters and each super stylized Pop! Vinyl Figure Bobble-Head will stand 3.75” tall and come in a window display box. The figures are Ages 3+.

Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Pop! Series will include:

  • Black Suit Spider-Man
  • Punisher
  • Venom
  • Spider-Man 2099

Hurry into your local Walgreens this January to add these exclusive figures to you Marvel Pop! collection and take a look at the gallery below for all the new additions! Visit Funko’s website here for even more Marvel figures!

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Hot Toys Adds Another Armor to It’s House Party Protocol

Hot Toys' Exclusive Iron Man 3 Hot Rod (Mark XXII) Collectible Figure

Hot Toys is happy to continue expanding the “House Party Protocol” and officially introduce the 1/6th scale Hot Rod (Mark XXII) Collectible Figure as a Hot Toys Exclusive item. It is the latest addition to their MMS Diecast Series and is realistically designed to look just as it appears in the movie.

Tony Stark designed the Mark XXII armor as a War Machine 2.0 Prototype Suit in Iron Man 3 as this lightly-armed suit is built with versatility in mind, so it’s able to dodge obstacles and move around mid-air more swiftly. Tony Stark was just about to jump into the suit in the movie, before it was attacked by an Extremis soldier as the armor earns the name of “Hot Rod” because its arms and legs’ design resembles the classic American hot rod with flames.

The movie-accurate Hot Rod (Mark XXII) Collectible Figure is crafted with articulate details which feature metallic dark gray, silver and red armor with distinctive flame patterns on the legs and LED light-up functions. If you are an Iron Man fan, don’t miss the chance to add this one of a kind armor to your House Party Protocol!

The collectible will be available first at the “Toy Soul 2014” event in Hong Kong, but please stay tuned to Hot Toys-Secret Base’s Facebook Page for pre-order details and take a look at our gallery below for more pictures!

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